30-Day Yoga Challenge

Anaïs Buan    @mademoiselleanais_4

Anaïs Buan


“I’ve never been good at challenges.” Or so I tell myself.

The truth is that I’ve overcome pretty big challenges in my life (like moving to a different country, having to speak a different language every day, relationships, breakups and healing through an eating disorder). And I am proud to say that I’m actually a badass at challenges.

The idea of doing a yoga challenge came through my childhood pictures. One night I was sitting beside the radiator, feeling hurt and crying my eyes out. Then the feeling shifted. I lifted myself up and went into the other room to get one of my childhood albums. I frantically searched for the girl who wanted to tame lions when she grew up.

That girl had passion for life. Her eyes sparkled with joy. Sure she had bad times. She felt disappointed and hurt. She, too experienced heartbreak. Yet she kept going.

She had the heart of a lion.

In the wild, the lioness does the hunting. Lions are the only social members of the cat family. They are affectionate within their pride but highly territorial and protective of their status in the grassy plains and savannahs.

Somehow, I reconnected with my inner lioness that night while sitting by the radiator. She was hidden in the smile of a little lion tamer. Humbled by the way she looked, I bowed to her courage. And I prayed and hoped that she would infuse me with a similar lust for life.

I was on a hunt for deeper, richer and more meaningful experiences.

My desires led me to a 30-day yoga challenge and I dedicated it to my inner lion tamer.


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