It's quite magical what a short trip to a city park can do for us. 

The crisp air, the mellow river, and the sound of leaves dancing on tree branches fill the soul with beauty. With each step taken, breathing becomes deeper, intentional - deliberate. The mind becomes sharp, focused, attentive and you find yourself opening up to curiosity. The earthy smell fills the air while birds woo one another with songs so unique and lively. 


Being out in nature provides a luxurious experience for the senses as they all turn on by the surrounding smells and colors. I call this the "feast of the senses."

When we open our minds and bodies to experience the physical world, our inner worlds also change, renew, and even transform. We find solace in the peace and tranquility within as well as the will to express ourselves externally.

If you feel stagnant in any way, spending time in nature can be therapeutic. I find that simply being present with the natural world - physically moving closer to trees, birds, rivers - gets me out of my busy mind and into my body. By being present in the moment, in my body, I connect with my emotions more deeply. 

Getting in touch - intimate - with what I'm feeling provides a good base for moving forward in the day. 

Nature helps me get unstuck and move forward with an open mind and a caring heart. And that is magic.