Stay grounded, take a break, take a breath. Life is a practice of flowing in and out of balance, of gently guiding the self back into the body and eventually into the seat of compassion, the heart.


I am unapologetically human. I carry a rebel heart that speaks the language of wild oceanic waves. I shine through music, movement, writing and creativity. I revel in deep and soulful conversations. I have my head in the stars and feet on the earth. Nothing sends shivers down my spine like a bit of mystery and a bit of life’s magical unfolding.

The story

I began my yoga journey rather spontaneously after stumbling on one of my dearest friends' article on MindBodyGreen. Jamie's words struck a chord in me - BIG TIME. She wrote, "When we're always told what our reality is, it can be hard to see the beauty around us. Worse, it can be hard to see the beauty within us." 

I was studying psychology at the University of Washington around the time I came across Jamie's writing. This was a time when unhealthy perfectionistic ideals polluted my head and clouded my perspective. In a way, I was swimming through life, unaware of the water, unaware of how deep I had gone. It wasn't until my first chillin' flow class with Jamie that I experienced myself - my body, my emotions, my thoughts, my ego - for real. Yoga helped me to come back to my body.

At the moment

Nowadays, I work on mindfully and creatively marrying the science of psychology with movement. I share my practice and perspective of yoga & mindfulness through teaching weekly classes. I write about the science of psychology and report on new research about relationships, sleep, stress and health on KURIOUS BLOG.

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